Contributors for PyContributors

Deepak Raj


Hello-world, I am Skilled in Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning As Well As Web Development Knowledge Strong professional with a Master's Diploma in Data Science.

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Shubham Pawar


I'm an Data Science Enthusiast with intrest in Machine Learning. Intrested in contributing to open source projects. Skilled in Python Data Science, Machine Learning and Web Development.

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Priyanshu Singh


Hi-there. I am a Web Development enthusiast. I am eager to learn new things. I have intermediate knowledge of CSS and HTML and basic-intermediate knowledge of Javascript. I love to use CSS and Javascript libraries to make sites look visually attractive. You can view more of my works and contributions on my github account. Happy Coding 😉

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Shivam Yadav


Hey! I am a full stack developer with proficiency in Django. I am also an open-source enthusiast. I am skilled in Python, C++, HTML/CSS, Javascript, MongoDB, and SQL. Check out my Github for more info.

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Ayush Modi


I'm an Engineering undergrad majoring in IT. Can program in Python, Java and GoLang . Deep Learning enthusiast, love PyTorch but can work with Tensorflow too.

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