What is Py-Contributors ?

Py-Contributors is an open-source community for Python, Machine learning, Web Development and Data Science. Most of us are students and are continuously learning from each other's experiences.

Why Contribute to Open-Source ?

Open source projects bring many benefits to those who participate in them, and such experience is great for your CV and greater for your knowledge and skills. By joining a community of like-minded people and polishing up your skills, you can give yourself a step up as an aspiring developer.

There are several reasons to contribute to OSS (open-source software) :

How to Participate ?

You can find many projects, you are free to participate on GitHub – a developer-oriented platform with a simple but essential set of functionality. You can contribute to free software in many ways. Developers can fork projects, make changes to code, and send pull requests. And quality assurance is always appreciated. Sometimes developers are too busy or too lazy to check the quality of their code. So go ahead and report a bug or try to fix it – your help is appreciated.

Connect with community

Resources to Learn about Opensource :

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